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Can Lack of Sleep Cause Vertigo

Can Lack of Sleep Cause Vertigo?

During sleep, our bodies do important restorative work. It gives muscles a chance to relax and recharge. Sleep allows the brain to process and store information. Without sleep, our bodies begin to dysfunction and, in turn, we’re unable to function. You don’t only feel tired if you don’t get enough sleep. Lacking sleep can cause plenty of mental and physical problems. And when it becomes serious enough, it can begin affecting your health.

Do You Need a Referral for Vertigo

Do You Need a Referral for Vertigo?

When it comes to health issues that necessitate physical therapy, vertigo is a common reason for people to go. It affects 40% of patients 40 years and older, and it can significantly impact someone’s quality of life. Vertigo may result in missing out on daily activities or worrying about falling when walking down a supermarket aisle, dancing, exercising, and more. Thankfully, physical therapy can help you to manage the symptoms.