Do You Need a Referral for Vertigo?

Do You Need a Referral for Vertigo

When it comes to health issues that necessitate physical therapy, vertigo is a common reason for people to go. It affects 40% of patients 40 years and older, and it can significantly impact someone’s quality of life.

Vertigo may result in missing out on daily activities or worrying about falling when walking down a supermarket aisle, dancing, exercising, and more. Thankfully, physical therapy can help you to manage the symptoms.

A common question people ask is whether they need a referral from a doctor to receive physical therapy for Vertigo. Here’s what you need to know.

Do You Need a Physical Therapy Referral?

If you’re experiencing dizziness, balance problems, limited mobility, or similar issues, you should speak to your primary care doctor and discuss the symptoms. They may refer you to a physical therapist for further evaluation and treatment.

On average, between 101 and 200 patients are seen in the average physical therapy clinic each week.

People may go for various reasons, such as recovering after surgery, injuries, or trouble feeling dizzy. At the clinic, patients undergo special physical therapy exercises to help treat the problem.

You don’t need a referral from a medical professional to receive physical therapy, though you might want to go this route for several reasons, such as determining medical necessity.

Does Insurance Cover Physical Therapy?

The good news is that most insurance plans, including private insurance, workers’ compensation, and Medicare, will pay for physical therapy if it’s deemed medically necessary. If you’re unsure whether you’re covered, check your plan or contact your insurer.

There may be some out-of-pocket costs, such as if a clinic is considered out of network.

If you don’t have insurance, you’re not out of luck yet. You can get direct access care for vertigo treatment and other problems and pay directly.

What Is Direct Access Physical Therapy?

Direct access physical therapy is when a patient goes to a professional physical therapist for treatment without a referral. Currently, all 50 states, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands have some form of direct access. That said, the regulations vary from state to state.

In South Carolina, we’re one of the states that have direct access to a physical therapist with some provisions. That means a referral isn’t necessary, though if a PT treats a patient for more than 30 days, they will refer the patient to a healthcare professional.

You can still get the treatment you need, although a referral is often recommended if you need treatment longer than 30 days.

The cost of direct access professional physical therapy varies depending on the clinic and where you live. It can range from $30 to $400. The average cost is usually around $150 or so.

Vertigo Treatment at Revo Rehab

If you need vertigo treatment, you don’t necessarily need a referral to get physical therapy, though you will need one if treatment extends longer than 30 days. You also may not need insurance, although most insurance plans will cover medically necessary treatment.

Here at Revo Rehab in Rock Hill, SC, our highly-trained physical therapists can help you recover and manage your symptoms to return to daily life. Contact us today to learn more or establish yourself as a new patient.