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At REVO Rehab, we understand that undergoing a mastectomy can be a difficult and emotionally trying experience. That’s why we offer comprehensive mastectomy services at our Rock Hill facility.

Our goal is to help you regain your strength and confidence after surgery. We provide physical therapy to help you regain range of motion and reduce pain, as well as specialized therapy to help you adapt to changes in your daily routine.

We also offer support groups and counseling to help you through the changes in your life.

Whether you’re seeking guidance during treatment or seeking ways to improve your quality of life after surgery, REVO Rehab is here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mastectomy Treatment

What is mastectomy treatment?

Mastectomy therapy is a physical therapy designed to help those with mastectomies. It focuses on improving the range of motion, strength, flexibility, and overall mobility. Additionally, the therapist provides education about proper body mechanics, posture, and strategies for adapting to lifestyle changes after surgery.

What are the risks of mastectomy treatment?

At REVO Rehab, we understand the importance of addressing any potential risks associated with mastectomy therapy. Our team will meet with you to develop a treatment plan that achieves your goals and addresses and minimizes any risks related to your treatment, so if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Is the cost of mastectomy therapy covered by insurance?

Insurance coverage for mastectomy therapy varies by provider. You must check with your insurance provider to determine what coverage is available for you.

At REVO Rehab, we do accept a variety of insurance plans. We understand that the cost of mastectomy therapy can be expensive, and our staff will work with you to help find an affordable coverage plan that meets your needs. If you have any questions about which plans we accept or how to obtain financial assistance for your treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our dedicated team is here to help you in any way we can. We are committed to helping you receive the care and support needed for a successful recovery.

Who can benefit from mastectomy therapy?

Our specialized services at REVO Rehab can benefit anyone who has undergone a mastectomy or is recovering. Mastectomy therapy can help reduce pain, improve your range of motion, and prepare you for adapting to changes in your daily routine.

How long does it take to complete a mastectomy therapy session?

Each patient’s treatment plan is tailored to their needs, so the time it takes to complete a mastectomy therapy session can vary. However, we strive to ensure that you efficiently receive high-quality care. Our team will work with you to determine the best action and timeline for your recovery.

Is there any pain or discomfort associated with mastectomy treatment?

At REVO Rehab, we strive to provide treatment in a way that is as comfortable as possible. We understand the emotional and physical pain you may be experiencing and will take all appropriate measures to minimize any discomfort during therapy. Our therapists are well-trained and experienced in helping patients through mastectomy therapy, so you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible care.

Additionally, we are here to provide emotional support throughout your treatment process and can customize a plan that is right for you. We want you to feel comfortable every step of the way and will work with you to ensure your needs are met. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help you on your recovery journey.

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